New NDA Supply Chain Charter

supply-chain-charter-150x150National Decommissioning Authority NDA is seeking views on a draft charter that aims to foster good working relations throughout its supply chain.

The two-page document is a simple set of principles that are important to the NDA and Site Licence Companies, which we trust our suppliers also value and would be willing to sign up to.

The NDA and Site Licence Companies worked together to formulate the charter which arose out of the new Supply Chain Development Strategy adopted in May this year.

During consultation for the Strategy a range of possible NDA and SLC initiatives were identified, but feedback from suppliers indicated improvements that were desirable at the Tier 2, 3 and 4 levels of the supply chain. As NDA and the SLCs value the whole supply chain, the concept of a Supply Chain Charter was identified to help deliver the following:          

  •  For all levels of the supply chain to ‘be a good client’    
  •  To foster good working relations and       
  •  Improve planning and performance through all tiers of the supply chain supporting the NDA estate.

The NDA currently spends more than £2.8 billion a year, of which circa £1.3 billion enters the supply chain at a range of levels below the Site Licence Companies.

NDA’s Market Development Manager Sam Dancy said: “We want to see a vibrant, efficient and competitive market at all levels, with better all-round communications and encouragement for smaller businesses who wish to access work in the NDA estate. The charter, once agreed, will be a key part of this, and encapsulates our aspirations to mutually beneficial relationships for every level of the supply chain.” Responses are being sought by Wednesday, 16 December, 2009. Following a period of revision, it is expected the charter will be ready for formal adoption early next year.  

 Draft Supply Chain Charter for consultation

 Supply Chain Development Strategy May 2009

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