Social Networking for Nuclear Decommissioning

iaea logoFaced with the challenges of delivering the right training to the right people, the IAEA´s International Decommissioning Network (IDN) has begun using popular social networking tools to connect with more than 400 nuclear professionals in 60 countries all year round.

Described as a network of networks, the IDN brings together experts in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities so they can share ideas and learn from each other.

It has proven difficult for some young nuclear professionals who are actually involved in day-to-day decommissioning to attend workshops, seminars and global site visits. So the IDN´s coordinators at the IAEA are using non-traditional approaches to engage them.

To jump-start global discussions between experts and young professionals, the IDN now posts instructional videos online; videos which are available to more than 400 people working in this field.

There are also plans to begin uploading more of these videos using an approach similar to that used by YouTube, thereby sharing critical, cutting-edge knowledge with professionals working in their own countries.

Also, the IDN is experimenting with approaches, such as LinkedIn, to provide a hub for its web networking activities.

“We realise that popular online networking tools are the best way of engaging hundreds of people in the nuclear profession whom we couldn´t otherwise reach. The focus of our outreach is to bring together those with developed decommissioning programs and those who need to access them,” says Paul Dinner from the IAEA´s Waste Technology Section.