Draft National Policy Statement for UK Nuclear

decc logoSummary of Government policy on the need for new UK nuclear power is contained in the Draft National Policy Statement.

In the long term, meeting the objectives in the Low Carbon Transition Plan will be a significant challenge. To achieve these objectives it is likely that by 2050 the UK will have to reduce emissions from the power sector to almost zero.
• Leading up to that period  there is a significant need for new major energy infrastructure including net additional electricity generating infrastructure.
– around 30% of electricity generation will be from renewable sources by 2020
– under central assumptions there will be a need for approximately 60GW of net new capacity by 2025;
– of this 60GW as much as 35GW could come from renewables (in line with our international obligations) with 25GW from other conventional generation capacity.
• Within the context of the overall strategic framework set by the Government, in principle new nuclear power should be free to contribute as much as possible towards meeting the need for 25GW of new non-renewable capacity.
• The Government expects that under this approach a significant proportion of the 25GW will in practice be filled by nuclear power.
• The Government believes that, it is in the public interest for sites that can have new nuclear power stations constructed on them significantlyearlier than 2025 to make a contribution in displacing CO2 as soon as possible.
• All ten sites in this NPS are needed.
• The IPC should start its examination of development consent applications for new nuclear power stations on the basis that need has been demonstrated and should give this need, and the benefits of meeting it, substantial weight in determining the applications.

You can download the Draft Policy here.