Regulators restate confidence in EPR™ Technology


AREVA logoThe UK Regulators (HSE) published today the Step 3 report of the Generic Design Assessment (GDA*) of the EPR™ technology and reiterated their confidence that AREVA’s reactor can be suitable for construction on licensed sites.
The report marks the mid-way point in the pre-licensing of the EPR™ reactor in the UK. Publication of the GDA’s final conclusions on the EPR™ technology is scheduled for mid-2011. AREVA is committed to providing answers to the issues noted in the report within the timescale agreed.

Regulators in the UK have stated that they are encouraged by the positive response made by AREVA and EDF to the Instrumentation & Control issue raised during the GDA and that they anticipate that the proposals made will be acceptable. A major step has therefore been made.

It is entirely expected for issues to be identified prior to licensing and construction. This is a normal and expected part of what is a very transparent process. Safety is the key focus in the EPR™ reactor design that benefits from real construction experience and related advanced design status. It meets the highest safety standards worldwide.

The EPR™ is a technology available today to generate safe and reliable power by the end of 2017 in the UK. It has been selected for 23 projects worldwide. Four reactors are currently under construction in Finland, France and China.

* The Generic Design Assessment (GDA) is a process to evaluate the design of reactors being considered for construction in the UK.

Visit the “UK EPR ™ – Generic Design Assessment” website.