Building & Enhancing the UK Civil Nuclear Industry

The NAMRC is dedicated to enabling industry in the UK to be match fit and able to play a full part in the global civil nuclear supply chain. In time the NAMRC will ensure manufacturers in the UK are able to be the suppliers of choice for the global nuclear reactor designers, constructors and utility companies.

The NAMRC is a joint initiative and consortium with industry and The University of Sheffield and The University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute. It is run for industry by industry with the support of Central Government and Regional Development Agencies. 

Overview of the NAMRC

The NAMRC was formally launched by Business Secretary and First Minister, Lord Mandelson, in Sheffield on 3rd December 2009. It forms part of the Government’s Low Carbon Industrial Strategy. The NAMRC is based on the same model as the highly successful aerospace Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

The NAMRC will be based in Sheffield with advanced research and development work also taking place within The University of Manchester’s nuclear laboratories. These are being strengthened and expanded to support its role in the Centre.  The combination of Manchester’s research innovation, full-scale demonstration on Sheffield’s site and subsequent dissemination to the supply chain will support industry in the requirement to become market leaders.

The NAMRC is currently housed in temporary facilities on the Advanced Manufacturing Park near Sheffield. A permanent home is being constructed nearby, including a full scale demonstration and research facility. In the interim period, workshops and projects in machining and assembly are being carried out using the facilities of the AMRC or other temporary accommodation. This will allow the NAMRC to begin delivering for industry and consortium members from the beginning of 2010.

This will be crucial if companies are to be ready for the first wave of new nuclear build in the UK.  The state-of-the-art facility on the Advanced Manufacturing Park, will ultimately contain the machining equipment and tools, is under construction with completion by the end of 2011.  Manchester are extending their research capacity and capability through the centre during 2010 to support the UK civil nuclear industry.The NAMRC is dedicated to the UK civil nuclear industry. The network of Advanced Manufacturing Research Centres in the UK will be utilised to maximise value for money.

The network includes:

Detail of the NAMRC

The NAMRC combines the manufacturing and engineering expertise of The University of Sheffield, with the nuclear and materials technology capacity of The University of Manchester.  The Centre will ensure consortium members become world-class in specialist areas. 

The Centre will provide a focal point for the UK civil nuclear manufacturing industry. This will enable manufacturers to develop the capability and capacity required to compete for nuclear new build work both in the UK and globally.  The Centre will help consortium members with:

  • the nuclear accreditation process and quality standards;
  • the enhancement of manufacturing techniques
  • development of company workforces
  • the culture required for success in the civil nuclear industry. 

At a more advanced level the Centre will work individually with consortium members to enhance their manufacturing processes and products to enable them to become world leaders in their field.

The work of the Centre will be decided by the industry consortium members to ensure that both capability and R&D work is specifically focused on industrial needs, ensuring value for members.  The Centre incorporates and works closely with the reactor designers Areva and Westinghouse.

A detailed workplan for 2010 is currently being developed.