European Nuclear Energy Leadership Academy

Commissioner Piebalgs welcomes the creation of the “European Nuclear Energy Leadership Academy”

Energy Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs has welcomed the establishment of the European Nuclear Energy Leadership Academy (ENELA) by 6 nuclear energy companies which signed today the founding treaty covering the essential strategic, legal and financial aspects of the academy and held the first shareholders meeting.

AREVA, Axpo AG, EnBW, E.ON Kernkraft GmbH, Urenco Limted and Vattenfall AB are the companies involved.

The academy, which will be based near Munich (Germany), aims to attract university graduates to the nuclear energy sector and train future leaders in this field.

Energy Commissioner Piebalgs said: “The nuclear sector faces a serious challenge: it needs to keep and develop knowledge on nuclear at an appropriate level. This is a matter of concern not only to the industry, but also for researchers, regulators and the health sector. ENELA, by focussing on leadership skills, can help to close the gap in existing training programmes.”

The European Nuclear Energy Leadership Academy was initiated by the industrial stakeholders in the European Nuclear Energy Forum 2 , set up by the Commission in 2007 as a platform for a broad stakeholder discussion on opportunities, risks and transparency issues of nuclear energy.

The initiative is part of the additional efforts that the Council has requested in December 2008 3 by public and private players, in particular the nuclear industry, so that the EU can remain a world reference in matters of nuclear safety and radiation protection.