102 tonne shield door on EPS3 project

A major milestone in the construction of the Encapsulation Product Store 3 (EPS3) was achieved at Sellafield recently when a 600 tonnes crawler crane was used to lift the 102 tonnes shield door into the plant.

The shield door will form part of the plant’s crane maintenance facility and will be used to provide radiological shielding to operators while crane maintenance operations are taking place.

EPS3 will be the new Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) store, providing additional capacity to support the two existing stores. The store will take ILW arising from both reprocessing operations and Clean-up work on site.

Now that the shield door has been installed, the next stage of the operation is to infill the door with shielding concrete. Two different concrete densities will be required to complete this infill, adding approximately 200 tonnes of concrete.
Ewan Smith, project manager EPS3 said: “The installation of the shield door is a critical path activity which enables the completion of the concrete superstructure. My thanks go out to those involved in the planning and execution of a safe successful lift.”

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