EDF Energy welcomes Conservative commitment to nuclear

EDF Energy today welcomed the confirmation from the Conservatives of their strong commitment to new nuclear and their announcement of plans for a carbon price floor to encourage low carbon investment, a move which EDF Energy has consistently proposed.

EDF Energy Chief Executive Vincent de Rivaz said: “The Conservative party has made a clear and definitive commitment to new nuclear power with no limit on the contribution nuclear could make. This is further evidence of the consensus that exists that clean, secure and affordable nuclear power is needed.

“We strongly welcome action to achieve certainty on the carbon price, which we have said for several years is a vital practical step towards decarbonising the UK economy in an affordable way and ensuring security of energy supplies. We are pleased to see recognition of the urgency of this action.

“EDF Energy has consistently set out the need for energy market reform, and said that certainty on the carbon price should be a priority. We have been strongly proposing a carbon floor mechanism for several years.

“A carbon price floor is the most cost-effective way to discourage investment in carbon-emitting plant and encourage all low-carbon investment including nuclear, renewables and clean coal.

“On planning we agree that it is vital to have a robust planning process with defined and binding timetables and which allows for proper public participation. It is important that any changes to the planning system do not introduce delay. We support the idea of National Policy Statements being ratified by Parliament to provide a clear political mandate.
“We will now study the full package of proposals in the Conservatives’ energy policy in detail. In the meantime, we will continue our policy of engaging with all policy makers to ensure that the right framework is in place to encourage a low-carbon, secure energy future.”

EDF Energy has led the industry with plans to build four new nuclear reactors in the UK, subject to the right framework being in place, with first concrete on the first plant expected to be poured in 2013.