Progress on new UK nuclear power

The Government today made further progress towards facilitating new nuclear power in the UK.

Draft legislation – providing for the creation of a new body to improve the regulation of civil nuclear energy – was published today.

Lord Hunt, Minister of State for Energy, welcomed the publication, which brings the Government a step closer to the proposed creation of an independent Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR). He said:

“We’ve made a decision that nuclear power should be part of our future energy mix but issues around safety and security will be of paramount importance.

“That’s why we’re laying the groundwork for a new independent body that is focused on and dedicated to ensuring the safe operation of new nuclear in the UK.”

The Government also announced the launch of consultations covering:

  • The methodology for determining how a fixed unit price for disposal of nuclear waste will be set; and
  • Regulations clarifying requirements set out in the Energy Act 2008 in relation to Funded Decommissioning Programmes.

1. The draft Legislative Reform Order (LRO) and draft Explanatory Document, including the Government’s response to the consultation (Restructuring of the Health and Safety Executive’s Nuclear Directorate) are available.

2. The fixed unit price consultation is available at

3. The funded decommissioning programme consultation will be available here

4. The fifth meeting of the Nuclear Development Forum takes place today. The Forum brings together Government and key industry stakeholders to ensure regular and high-level contact between all parties on the issues that matter the most to potential investors and operators. More information on the Forum.