Wylfa power station report – Q4 2009

The Nuclear Local Liaison Committee (LLC) Quarterly reports for 2009 quarter 4 for Magnox North Limited Wylfa power station are now available.
This report is issued as part of the Health and Safety Executive’s commitment to make information about inspection and regulatory activities relating to the above site available to the public. It is also for distribution to members of the Wylfa Power Station Site Stakeholder Group and covers activities associated with the regulation of safety at Wylfa Power Station. These reports are distributed quarterly and are available on the HSE’s website. Site Inspectors of HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate attend SSG meetings and will be happy to respond to questions raised there by members of the SSG. Any other person wishing to enquire about matters covered by this report should contact the HSE, Nuclear Directorate Information Enquiries on 0151 – 951 – 3484.
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The Site Inspector made the following visits to Wylfa in the period covered by this report:

  • 6 October 2009
  • 2 – 3 November 2009
  • 3 – 5 November 2009
  • 16 – 17 November 2009
  • 26 – 27 November 2009
  • 1 – 2 December 2009
  • 4 December 2009
  • 9 December 2009

Routine matters

Inspections at Site: Inspections are undertaken at site as part of the process for monitoring compliance with:

  1. the conditions attached by HSE/NII to the nuclear site licence;
  2. the Health and Safety at Work etc Act (HSWA) 1974 and
  3. regulations made under the HSWA for example the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

This entails monitoring licensee’s actions on the site in relation to incidents, operations, maintenance, projects, modifications, safety case changes and any other matters which may affect safety. The licensees/operators are required to make and implement adequate arrangements under the conditions attached to the licence in order to ensure legal compliance. Inspections seek to judge both the adequacy of these arrangements and their implementation. In this period routine inspections of (site/station) covered:

  • Emergency preparedness: NII inspectors witnessed a demonstration of the site’s emergency plan during November. The scenario for the emergency exercise was challenging and required cooperation between station staff and external emergency services. NII concluded that the exercise was a satisfactory demonstration of arrangements made under Licence Condition 11 and welcomed the consolidation of improvements from the emergency preparedness improvement plan put in place during 2009.
  • Modifications to plant, equipment and safety cases: Level 4 meetings have been held with NII inspectors and Magnox staff to reduce the hazard on site from a small number of legacy corroded fuel elements in Dry Store Cell 4. NII has agreed with the licensee that arrangements for waste management should be strengthed. An inspection into the site’s readiness to commence fuel element recovery operations concluded that local preparations were adequate. Subsequently, NII has given agreement to a request to commence handling of corroded fuel elements from Wylfa dry store cell 4 under Licence Condition 22 (1). Licence Instrument 540 was issued to support this work.
  • Organisational Changes: The licensee has submitted to NII proposals to make adjustments to the site organisational baseline structure under its Licence Condition 36 control of organisational Change arrangements. The adequacy of these proposals are currently being assessed by NII specialists and further discussions are expected during 2010.
  • Industrial safety – Fire Safety: Magnox North has submitted a fire safety improvement plan to NII. The NII site inspector and fire specialists will monitor progress to implement this plan during 2010.
  • Industrial safety – Turbine Hall Basement: NII has welcomed proposals from the licensee to improve working conditions in the turbine hall basement. The NII site inspector will monitor progress during 2010.
  • Periodic safety review – Extended Generation: Wylfa is currently planned to cease generation at the end of December 2010. NII is continuing to engage with the licensee on its proposals for extending generation beyond the current planned date for ending  generation. Meetings have been held between NII and Magnox North specialists on safety case submissions. A readiness review of the site’s arrangements to meet the Magnox Operating Plan was held in December from which HSE has gained confidence in the licensee’s current proposals.

Non-routine matters

Licensees are required to have arrangements to respond to non-routine matters and events. NII inspectors judge the adequacy of the licensee’s response including actions taken to implement any necessary improvements.

  • An unannounced inspection of the licensee’s compliance with Operating Rules for concrete pressure vessel temperature was completed in December. The outcome of this inspection was that HSE concluded that the licensee was operating the reactor within the safety case limits and conditions.
  • In accordance with Licence Condition 7 arrangements for the notification to NII of of incidents on site, the licensee made NII aware of an inconsistency between the station safety case limits and conditions and the local limits and conditions made under LC23 for Operating Rules. The licensee has agreed with NII that it will undertake a review of Operating Rules to ensure that other inconsistencies are not present.

Other Matters

Nothing to report

Regulatory activity

Under Health and Safety legislation NII inspectors, and other HSE inspectors, may issue formal documents to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Under nuclear site licence conditions HSE/NII issues regulatory documents, which either permission an activity or requires some form of action to be taken; these are collectively termed Licence Instruments (LI). In addition inspectors may issue enforcement notices to secure improvements to safety.

Date Type No Description
27 November 2009 Agreement 540 Agreement under Licence Condition 22 (1) to commence handling of corroded fuel elements from Wylfa dry store cell 4.