Sellafield Redundancy Speculation – Formal Response

20th April 2010

We are aware of speculation regarding redundancies at Sellafield.

The Sellafield Ltd vision is to deliver the NDA’s clean up mission safely and efficiently and, in doing so, become the site and workforce of choice for potential new missions. We believe that this is in the best interests of the long term sustainability of the West Cumbrian economy and the national nuclear industry.

We have always been clear that, to bring any future prosperity to the area through industry, we will have to demonstrate that we can deliver high hazard reduction efficiently and effectively, providing undisputed value for money performance for the UK tax payer.

A key component of our drive for efficiency and world class performance is our Integrated Change Plan, which will help us achieve this long term mission.

Additionally, Sellafield Ltd recently received confirmation from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority that our allocated Annual Site Funding Limit for 2010/11is £1.5bn.

This is higher than the total expenditure for financial year 2009/10. However, due to over £100m extra being spent in high hazard areas, we have to prioritise the work we undertake this year and, as we have previously stated, we are currently assessing what the impact may be on our lower priority/low hazard work.

It’s understandable that people will speculate about the likely implications of that process but, at this stage, that’s all it is – speculation.

Once we have completed our assessments and understand the position better, we will speak directly to our unions, if necessary through formal process, to our workforce and to other stakeholders.