Nuclear R&D feasibility studies

The Technology Strategy Board is investing up to £2m in feasibility studies to stimulate innovation and strengthen the supply chain in the area of nuclear R&D and its applications.

This competition encourages businesses not currently working in the nuclear sector to explore the opportunities that the predicted global civil nuclear resurgence presents. In addition, it will allow the existing supply chain to engage with innovative technology providers and explore opportunities for growth. We will be giving priority to applications that are led by SMEs (or have their strong involvement) working with larger organisations already operating in the nuclear supply chain or those that anticipate doing so. This will probably involve building consortia who have not worked together before.

Funding will be invested in feasibility studies which cover the evaluation of innovative technologies, their applications and technology transfer that could lead to their future development and application in civil nuclear plants and develop business opportunities in this growing area.

We strongly advise potential applicants to read the recently published Review of the UK’s nuclear R&D capability before applying.

You can download the competition brief here.