Nuclear Skills Passport update

The Nuclear Skills Passport project is currently gearing up for implementation across the whole of the Nuclear Sector. In the run up to full implementation, an Implementation Pilot will commence May 2010 on the fully tested Skills Academy product, and the lessons learnt from this exercise will aid in ensuring a smooth transition throughout the rest of the sector. The organisations involved in the pilot include AMEC, Costain, Carillion, Lab Impex, NDA, Magnox North,
Magnox South, British Energy – part of EDF Energy and VT Group (environment).

The Nuclear Skills Passport has been developed with industry consultation at every stage, and we are now at a point where we have a system with the capability of not only recording the skills, qualifications and training completed by individuals but also providing individual, organisational and sectoral reports that will be essential in forward planning.

Executive Members of the Skills Academy and Representatives from Existing Site Licensed Sites, New Build Companies, Trades Unions and Industry Regulators have endorsed the Nuclear Skills Passport Initiative, supporting that it is made “Highly Desirable” in tenders from 2010 onwards.

The Nuclear Skills Passport systemwill also be the vehicle for the introduction of the Cogent SSC Nuclear Industry Training Standards (NITF) and a triple bar entry standard for entry into the the nuclear industry.

You can read the National Skills Academy newsletter here.