Toshiba Aims to Strengthen Position in Nuclear Power Market

Toshiba’s recent investment in the field of nuclear energy is aiming to strengthen its position in the various aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, from fuel manufacturing, front end through to equipment manufacturing. The acquisitions and joint ventures in the nuclear energy arena emphasize its corporate strategy to consolidate its position in the nuclear fuel cycle. These acquisitions and partnership agreements of Toshiba Corporation will enable the company to sustain its current position in various aspects of the nuclear value chain ranging from capturing the nuclear fuel market to equipment supply. These strategies will also enable the company to simultaneously grow in the global nuclear power market.

Toshiba, along with its subsidiary Westinghouse Electric, is currently the leading player in the nuclear industry and is engaged in the development of latest energy technologies. The company is planning to obtain a greater foothold in the fuel market by acquiring the Springfields Fuels Limited.

In the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, the company is planning to partner with its subsidiary company to form a new joint venture that will focus on the uranium trading, fuel leasing and spot market trading.

This analysis was taken from a research paper published by GlobalData,  download the full Research Paper.