Executive Nuclear Seminar

Nuclear energy is a growing part of the global energy mix. Success to achieve this challenge requires timely tactical and strategic win-win asset allocation. There is a 3 day seminar for nuclear decision makers June 21st at Le Creusot in Burgundy.

The Executive Nuclear Seminar (EXENUC) features the main sensitive issues which have to be considered by decision-makers and executives whilst developing nuclear activities, ie.: worldwide market trends, latest state-of-art technologies, new nuclear financing, strategic insight of fuel cycle, latest safety and security standards, industrial standards requested by PBOs and underlying the supply chain.

Lectures are given in English by French top-level experts worldwide renowned such as:
* F. MONDOLONI, Director of the Strategy and External Relations Sector, CEA
* B. BARRE, Scientific Advisor, AREVA
* M. LEGER, Director of Legal Affairs, CEA
* Ph. GARDERET, Vice Président Scientifique, AREVA

You can register for the meeting here.