MD of Radioactive Waste Management Directorate

The NDA has appointed Bruce McKirdy as the Managing Director of its Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RWMD).

The NDA is the organisation responsible for implementation of geological disposal in the UK and the RWMD is being formed into a wholly owned subsidiary of the NDA. In due course it will become the NDA’s Site Licence Company responsible for delivering a Geological Disposal Facility.

Bruce has spent over twenty five years within the UK nuclear industry and over 10 years experience in geological disposal, most recently leading RWMD. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He has experience in all aspects of radioactive waste management including development and assessment of geological repository concepts and R & D related to long-term waste management.

Bruce said:

“I am delighted to have been given this opportunity and look forward to continuing our work with a range of stakeholders including Government, local communities and the nuclear industry to deliver geological disposal for higher activity radioactive wastes.”