Nuplant Decommissioning Software Release

Structure Vision Ltd, a leading provider of engineering software for the Particle Analysis and Nuclear Decommissioning markets, has announced the first customer release of their NuPlant™ software. The NuPlant™ software allows the user to visualise the various stages in the dismantling process for a complex decommissioning project. It uses Structure Vision’s unique expertise in the cutting and packing of objects to optimise the way in which the various components of the facility are packed for storage. In addition, the NuPlant software has a comprehensive reporting system to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for documentation.

The NuPlant™ technology is designed to address the needs of site licensing companies, decommissioning contractors, new build operators and reactor vendors by providing a detailed and accurate analysis of the decommissioning requirements of a complete nuclear facility. Using NuPlant™ could achieve significant cost and time savings by accurately estimating decommissioning liabilities across the complete project lifecycle, optimising Nuclear waste cutting and packing operations and reducing planning time, storage and transportation costs.

Structure Vision was awarded an Exceptional Grant of £300K for R&D from the The North West Regional Development Agency (NWDA) to develop the NuPlant™ software for the nuclear industry and received the Rushlight Award for Nuclear Energy in 2008. NuPlant™ has undergone full testing and validation with leading contractors and Site License Operators within the Nuclear Decommissioning Industry.

“NuPlant™ will revolutionise the way that Nuclear Decommissioning Contractors, Site License Operators, Generating Companies and Reactor Vendors will approach the problem of estimating, costing and planning Decommissioning projects” said Dr David Knight, Director of Software Development at Structure Vision Ltd. “By providing not only accurate cutting and packing simulations, but an entire Decommissioning project planning tool, Project Engineers will for the first time be able to see the whole picture of their liabilities and directly compare the impact of different approaches to dealing with Intermediate and Low Level Waste from entire Nuclear facilities”.

“Nuvia Limited has worked closely with Structure Vision to help develop the NuPlant software”, said Bob Mathews, CTO of Nuvia Ltd. “We see how the expertise of our experienced engineers, project managers and QS staff working with this software can improve our estimating, optimisation and planning for complex decommissioning tasks and in particularly how we can reduce the waste volume and dose uptake from size reduction of active wastes”.