April-June 2010 quarterly report for GDA published

Kevin Allars, Director of New Build GDA at the HSE, and Joe McHugh, Head of Radioactive Substances Regulation at the Environment Agency, have today published the second Quarterly Report for 2010 (April–June).  This provides an update on our work to assess the safety cases for the new nuclear power station designs and looks at the key challenges ahead.

Progress continues on the assessment, and we are signalling that some GDA work may be required by the Requesting Parties beyond June 2011, when we plan to complete our assessment of the reactor design safety cases.  We are flagging up these issues, so that the Requesting Parties can either redouble their efforts to address them, or begin the process of developing credible Resolution Plans.

However, we have identified no issues so far that we believe cannot be resolved, and there is still time before June 2011 for the Requesting Parties to fully address our concerns.  We remain confident that a meaningful assessment will be completed by June 2011.