Standard for deliverers of training in nuclear

NEF Assured (Nuclear) is the industry specific standard for assuring deliverers of training in the nuclear sector. It has been specifically developed to assure the standard of training that is delivered ‘in-house’ by nuclear organisations. The standard recognises the need for continuous improvement and for training to impact directly on business objectives. It offers a fast-track approach that:
·         Utilises existing and widely used quality assurance standards and systems
·         Adds a nuclear sector specific training component to these standards
·         Provides a highly valuable, independent validation that enhances an organisation’s approach to training.
NEF Assured (Nuclear) was developed by the New Engineering Foundation in collaboration with the industry’s leading skills organisation, the National Skills Academy for Nuclear.
Jean Llewellyn, Chief Executive of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear said: “The NEF Assured (Nuclear) standard will enable the training completed by nuclear organisations to be assured against the Nuclear Industry’s agreed training standards. Employers were keen that an assurance level was established to enable training completed by nuclear employers to be recognised on the Nuclear Skills Passport, alongside training completed by the Skills Academy’s Quality Assured Providers.”
Prof Sa’ad Medhat, NEF’s CEO: “NEF has pioneered the development of a standard to assure training deliverers in the nuclear industry. We are determined to create opportunities for other sectors to get their own quality marks and we are working with our partners to bring this idea to life. Assuring the quality of training is the way forward to promote more efficient, safer and innovative working environment.”
Beccy Pleasant, Head of Learning and Development for Magnox North, one of the first Nuclear sites assured, said: “NEF Assured Nuclear was the first standard that I had come across that specifically focused on learning, training and development and I felt that the process more than lived up to expectations.”
NEF Assured (Nuclear) status is awarded to those organisations that can demonstrate a high degree of consistency in their approach to training and is a requirement for their ‘in-house’ training to be recorded on the Nuclear Skills Passport. It offers a cost effective means of establishing consistency in education and training approaches across the nuclear sector, supporting the introduction and take-up of the Nuclear Skills Passport and facilitating mobility across the sector, with a focus on safety and excellence throughout.
Organisations that achieve this standard will become part of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear’s High Quality Provider Network.