“What we do” feature on Sellafield site

A new feature designed to give website users an overview of the main facilities on the Sellafield site and a brief outline of their functions is now available on Sellafield Ltd’s corporate website.

The website development has been made in response to a recent website survey – which asked users to provide feedback on how useful they thought the Sellafield Ltd website was and in what areas we could improve.

Speaking about the survey, publicity and promotions manager Emma Law commented:

“One particular area we were keen to understand was whether users had found what they were looking for when visiting the website. A key theme that emerged from the feedback suggested that the website didn’t contain enough information on what we actually do at Sellafield.”

“As such, the newly revamped ‘we do page’ page seeks to address this; as well as providing historical background information on the site, it now provides an overview of the key facilities and plants on the Sellafield site and explains what they do and how they are connected.”

Users can now visit the ‘what we do’ page and learn about everything from where the different types of nuclear waste are generated and which downstream plants are used to treat them, as well as understanding which facilities we are currently decommissioning as well the additional plants that are being brought on line to support this.

“As ever the website remains a work in progress in that we will continue to develop it. We always want users to tell us what they think of it – good or bad – and they can do so by clicking on the “did you find this content useful?” link on each page of the website.”

The new look ‘what we do page’ is available by visiting: