GE Hitachi ESBWR design

GEH’s next evolution of advanced nuclear BWR technology is the ESBWR Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor. It utilizes a number of new features to provide better plant security; improved safety; more location options; excellent economics; and operational flexibility that ultimately increases plant availability.

The ESBWR, a GEH-designed Gen III+ reactor, is currently in the U.S. Design Certification process. The Design Control Document was docketed by the NRC in 2005, and the Referred Combined Construction and Operating License (COL) application was submitted in 2007.

ESBWR is an evolutionary design … the latest in a long line of proven GEH BWR reactors. ESBWR employs passive, safety design features. It includes further design evolutions that simplify the reactor, allowing faster construction and lower costs.

Primary benefits and features of the ESBWR include:

  • Simplified design features
  •          –  Passively removes decay heat directly to the atmosphere
             –  11 systems are eliminated from previous designs
             –  25 percent fewer pumps, valves and motors

  • Passive design features reduce the number of active systems, increasing safety …
  •          … It is 11 times more likely for the largest asteroid near the earth to impact the earth over the next 100 years than for an ESBWR operational event to result in the release of fission products to the environment

  • Incorporation of features used in other operationally-proven reactors, including passive containment cooling, isolation condensers, natural circulation and debris resistant fuel
  • Natural Circulation in ESBWR fact sheet  
  • GEH is ready to support utilities looking to build an ESBWR power plant, with a well-established global supply chain.

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