HSE close Regulatory Issue on EPR nuclear reactor design

On Friday 12 November, HSE’s Nuclear Directorate informed EDF and AREVA that it has closed the Regulatory Issue (RI) placed on the proposed Control & Instrumentation system for the European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR). This reflects the fact that, while there are some outstanding actions to complete, we are satisfied that they have addressed the majority of the key actions associated with the RI, and those that remain now equate to the status of a Regulatory Observation (RO) within the GDA process. We have therefore issued an RO to formally record this position.

While EDF and AREVA have put in a considerable amount of high quality work to get to this position, they still need to commit a high level of their attention and resource to successfully meet the UK EPR Programme.

We believe that the work done by EDF and AREVA demonstrates that Regulatory Issues can be resolved and that issuing an RI does not equate to a show-stopping issue.

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