KPMG Energy Industry special report

If you were handed a blank sheet of paper and tasked to design the UK’s energy and water industries from scratch, what would you come up with? This is the central premise of a multiple-choice survey conducted amongst 320 executives in the energy and water industries in August 2010. We sent our respondents back to the drawing board to consider each element of their industry, from generation in energy, to networks and supply. Finally, we looked at their attitudes as consumers of energy and water, and how these tallied with their business perspectives.

This is the central premise behind The Future of the UK’s Energy and Water Industries report. The report is based on research jointly devised by Marketforce and KPMG, and then carried out by Marketforce, into the views of 320 senior executives in UK utilities companies, 190 from energy and 130 from water.
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We asked the energy industry approximately what generation mix they think the UK should have in 30 years, assuming a clean slate and given their previously stated priorities. The results – in which nuclear makes up nearly 30 per cent of the mix, a significantly higher percentage than today – reveal an industry committed to notion that nuclear will need to make up a substantial part of an energy mix that is to deliver both security of supply and low carbon emissions, highlighting the importance of nuclear new build as the current stations are withdrawn from service, perhaps raising concerns over the timing and extent of the new build programme.

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