Lloyd’s Register wins EDF third-party inspection contract

Lloyd’s Register Apave Ltd, a new joint-venture company created by Lloyd’s Register EMEA and Apave Sud-Europe, has been appointed by EDF Energy as their independent third-party inspection agency for nuclear new build.

The deal represents one of the largest single contracts in the 250-year history of the Lloyd’s Register Group.

“This is a very important contract for us in that it helps us to fulfil our public-benefit mandate and reinforces our position in the British nuclear industry at a time when society’s historic commitment to carbon-based fuels has come under increased scrutiny,” said Richard Sadler, Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd’s Register Group.

“The new joint-venture company, Lloyd’s Register Apave, combines the skills and strong commitments to safety of two entities with unrivalled experience in Europe’s nuclear industry, creating a truly independent assurance firm we believe will be in high demand in the global marketplace,” he said.

Sadler said the global reach of the Lloyd’s Register Group combined with Apave’s knowledge of French civil nuclear infrastructure gave the new joint-venture company the unique ability to provide EDF Energy with a worldwide supply-chain assurance.

EDF Energy plans to build two 1,650-megawatt EPR (European pressurised water reactors) nuclear power plants at Hinkley Point, near Bridgwater, Somerset, in the UK. Two further units are planned for Sizewell, Suffolk.

“This project is all about getting things right first time, every time. Without a solid foundation in safety and quality no project will be successful,” said Alan Cumming Procurement Director for EDF Energy Nuclear New Build said. “We are delighted to be working with Lloyd’s Register Apave, as the type of independent-inspection services they will provide will greatly assist the management of the project. Such third-party verification will help us to be sure that the project is delivered with the sort of “relentless predictability” that both we, as a prospective licensee, demand, and that the regulators expect.”

EDF Energy is required by the UK licensing agreement to appoint a third-party inspection agency to conduct, at a minimum, conformity assessments for the design, manufacture, examination, testing and final verification of the pressure equipment for main primary system (MPS), the MPS assembly, the main secondary system (MSS), MSS assembly and the preparation, signing and issue of the associated certificates for each item of equipment.

The deal comes less than a year after the Lloyd’s Register Group acquired Scandpower AS, enhancing its ability to deliver the full spectrum of technical risk-management services to energy clients and creating a global powerhouse in the civil nuclear sector.