Opportunity to work for the nuclear regulator

The UK’s regulator of safety and security in the nuclear industry HSE is now recruiting professional engineers and scientists to join its team as inspectors.

A recruitment campaign for HSE’s Nuclear Directorate is under way (closing date 22nd November), targeting a range of regulatory disciplines.

Successful applicants would take lead and support roles in regulation of the civil or defence sectors and have the option of working from our headquarters in Bootle, Merseyside, or at either of our satellite offices in Cheltenham and London.

HSE’s Nuclear Directorate has particular interest in finding candidates to fill vacancies in the fields of quality assurance, human factors, civil engineering, external hazards, radioactive waste, project inspectors, fault studies, control and instrumentation, electrical engineering, materials and structural integrity.

Vik Winspear Roberts joined Nuclear Directorate two years ago and works as an assessment inspector specialising in chemical engineering. Vik’s focus is now solely on Sellafield, but she had earlier worked as part of our Dounreay team.

Vik’s CV includes a seven-year spell working for BNFL at Springfields – when she first came into contact with the industry regulator, HSE Nuclear Directorate, otherwise known as the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (or NII).

After then spending three years as a production manager in the cement industry, Vik spotted an advert in an industry magazine for nuclear inspectors.

“I’d always wanted to be an NII inspector,” said Vik. “I thought there would be a prerequisite that you’d need 20 years’ experience before you could become an inspector, but that isn’t the case.

“It’s a great job – the work is varied and develops your understanding of issues across the nuclear industry. It also provides me, a mum-of-two, with the opportunity to maintain a good work-life balance.”

Watch vodcasts of Vik and other recently recruited inspectors explaining what it’s like working for HSE’s Nuclear Directorate.

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