The Redfern Inquiry Sellafield response

Sellafield Ltd’s primary concern is for the feelings of the families of former employees who have been personally affected by the Redfern Enquiry report into human tissue analysis in UK nuclear facilities.

We regret any distress caused to the families and want to make clear that practices of the type outlined in the report ceased at Sellafield nearly 20 years ago.

This inquiry, commissioned by the Secretary of State, was not specifically about Sellafield but included several other sites and organisations connected to the nuclear industry from as far back as the 1950s and we have co-operated to the fullest extent with the Inquiry team throughout this process.

While we will not comment on individual cases, we are continuing to support the process by assisting with the helpline that has been established by DECC to deal with questions from those who have been directly affected.

The report is a serious document containing large amounts of information, much of which has been previously unavailable to us. It is therefore appropriate that we now take time to fully review the report and give proper consideration to its findings.

You can read about the Redfern Enquiry here.

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