Consultation on Electricity Market Reform

The DECC Electricity Market reform EMR Consultation Document is the statutory consultation on the government’s preferred electricity market framework. The Consultation period will run for 12 weeks to March 10 2011. The White Paper, legislative proposals to implement the new electricity market arrangements, will be launched in Late Spring 2011.

In his Annual Energy Statement to Parliament on 27 July 2010, the Secretary of State announced that Government will publish a consultation document on electricity market reform to examine the reforms necessary to achieve the Government’s objectives on decarbonisation, renewables energy, security of supply and affordability.

The Electricity Market Reform Project will develop and deliver a new market framework that will enable the cost effective delivery of secure supplies of low carbon energy.

We welcome representations from stakeholders to help us build the evidence base. Government will proactively make information on the project available, so stakeholders are aware of progress and able to feed in information.

DECC have also published a number of other documents which may be of interest to you in the context of the EMR consultation. Links to the Carbon Price Support Consultation, the Government Response to the Statutory Consultation on the Renewables Obligation Order 2011, and the Ofgem Review Call for Evidence: A Government Response follow the main consultation documents below.

Consultation documents and related publications

Consultation documents and related publications

 Electricity Market Reform: consultation document

Electricity market reform: impact assessment

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