Dounreay reactor safety record continues

The Dounreay Prototype Fast Reactor PFR decommissioning team has reached six years without a lost time accident, which equates to approximately two million man hours.

As hazardous decommissioning work progresses within a nuclear reactor, maintaining a flawless safety record is an achievement the team at PFR are extremely proud of.

Continuing to demonstrate its grasp on safety and prove the benefits of a forward thinking approach, the facility is leading the way with innovative safety processes and initiating safe working practices to maintain a fully safe and secure working environment.

Mike Brown, reactor decommissioning manager, said: “Decommissioning a plant over forty years old with many legacies from the past brings with it many challenges. Maintaining a safe working platform to do this is essential for everyone involved and the entire team at PFR, both DSRL and its contractor’s, recognise that safety must be at the forefront of everything we do. I can’t commend them enough for applying a workable safety improvement programme which is clearly valuable given this remarkable achievement.’

Work to pull apart the former reactor is continuing with more and more large items of redundant equipment and hazardous material being ripped out of the building as the plant is dismantled.

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