Horizon Nuclear Power welcomes Electricity Market Reform

Horizon Nuclear Power, the company developing a new generation of nuclear power stations at Wylfa and Oldbury, today welcomed Government plans to reform the way the electricity market works.

Alan Raymant, COO of Horizon said: “We welcome the Government’s commitment to reform the
electricity market. The country needs to replace closing power stations, and the focus must be on low
carbon power generation. Nuclear is the most cost effective of the serious, large scale, low carbon
electricity sources. It doesn’t need a subsidy, just a level playing field which isn’t currently provided by a
market designed in another era.

“New nuclear power stations can bring major local and national investment and employment in difficult
times,” said Raymant. “We look forward to considering the details of these proposals. They need to deliver long term
confidence in the case for the multi-billion pound investments involved.”

Horizon Nuclear Power plans to deliver around 6,000 MW of new nuclear power station capacity in the
UK by 2025. The programme is subject to a final investment decision from the shareholders E.ON UK
and RWE npower and the right market conditions.

Each site could directly employ around 800-1000 people with construction jobs peaking at around 5000.

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