The EPR in crisis

Professor of Energy Studies Steve Thomas from University of Greenwich Business School¬†has released a report ‘The EPR in crisis’. In the report he draws conclusions on problems encountered in the design process for the AREVA reactor.

  • Construction has gone dramatically wrong at the two sites in Europe where it is being built
  • The prices it is being offered at are so high that all contests where the EPR has been bid have either been abandoned (South Africa and Canada) or the contract has gone to a much lower bid from a competitor (UAE)
  • Potential markets such as USA, UK and Italy all look problematic and reactor orders, if placed at all, will be much later than expected
  • The process of obtaining safety approval in France, UK and USA is incomplete and, even if successful, the features needed to achieve regulatory approval may add significantly to costs.

You can read his full report here.

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