Regulator completes re-licensing for Magnox merger

HSE Nuclear Directorate (ND) has completed a re-licensing assessment in order to facilitate the reunification of Magnox North and Magnox South into one entity, Magnox Limited.

The Magnox companies, owned by Energy Solutions, are contracted by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) to decommission eight Magnox nuclear power stations and operate Wylfa and Oldbury nuclear power stations, both in their final few months of generating electricity.

Energy Solutions asked ND for regulatory permission and for re-licensing of each of the five Magnox South sites, to facilitate the merger of the Magnox companies, which when combined, would be renamed Magnox Limited. 

As part of re-licensing, ND carried out an assessment of the applicant’s organisational capability, to ensure that it remains adequate for it to manage nuclear safety effectively, and to discharge its obligations as a nuclear site licence holder.

Consulting with and working closely with its nuclear co-regulator, the Environment Agency, ND worked with the Magnox companies and the NDA, to ensure that all safety, legal, environmental issues and permits were fully addressed before considering their application to reintegrate into one licensed company.

The assessment did not identify any issues which would prevent a decision to relicense the Magnox South sites into Magnox North, so in December, permission was granted for the re-integration. This took affect with the new site licences coming into force on 5 January 2011, allowing Magnox North to proceed with the management of change supporting the integration and the creation of a new Magnox North Limited board and executive.

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