Babcock wins Magnox ILW contract

Babcock has been awarded a framework contract by Magnox Ltd for the retrieval and processing of both wet and solid intermediate level radioactive waste (ILW) across all the Magnox sites in the UK.

Work to be carried out under the framework contract will include the supply of equipment and technical support in the form of an integrated solution to specific project requirements, to retrieve and process the various waste streams for storage in self-shielding waste containers for final disposal, as part of the ILW Mini Stores Management Programme.

The work will be carried out across the Magnox sites, including Berkeley, Bradwell, Dungeness A, Hinkley Point A, Sizewell A, Chapelcross, Oldbury, Wylfa, Trawsfynydd and Hunterston A. The framework contract is part of a new approach being taken by Magnox to contract projects on an end-to-end basis for the safe and cost-effective management of ILW.

Babcock has an in-depth knowledge of the waste streams produced by each of the Magnox stations during generation, and the historically stored wastes following cessation of generation, which are held in various forms on the sites. Additionally, in securing this contract Babcock demonstrated its commitment to safety, quality, and the environment; its experience and success in delivering comparable projects in highly regulated environments; and its team-based culture (seen by Magnox as an important factor in successfully addressing the challenges involved under this contract).

Commenting on the contract win, Babcock Business Development Manager, Alun Roberts, said: “With our unrivalled knowledge of the various wastes involved we are able to provide Magnox with a high degree of flexibility and innovation to define and resolve issues, and meet requirements, from characterisation, sorting, and retrieval, to storage and conditioning. The framework contract approach will ensure that each of the specific tasks addressed is approached not just from a standing of technical excellence, but with a pragmatic view of risk, and schedule minimisation, drawing on our knowledge-based ‘learning from experience’ culture.”

Babcock offers complete definition to disposal waste management experience and expertise. It is one of six companies to be awarded a framework contract by Magnox for ILW retrieval and processing, and one of only three to have secured a contract for both solid and wet wastes.

This contract now enables the selected companies to bid for specific projects within this area of the Magnox ILW Management Programme (MIMP). The value of the framework contract (within which individual projects are competed) is expected to be £300 million over ten years. Bids for the first projects under the contract are now being prepared.

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