2010 Radioactive Waste Inventory

The latest United Kingdom Radioactive Waste Inventory has been published today by NDA.  

The UK Radioactive Waste Inventory, currently updated every three years, is provided by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) The information, like that from previous Inventories, is being made publicly available.  

The inventory describes the stocks of radioactive waste and radioactive materials held in the UK at 1 April 2010. It also predicts wastes and materials that could arise from the operation and decommissioning of current facilities in the future.  

The 2010 Inventory consists of four documents:

  • an executive summary
  • a 140-page main report on the waste
  • an international data report and
  • a report detailing various materials including those materials not currently classified as waste. 

Existing stocks and future estimates change over time as waste is treated and packaged, regulations are amended, technology and plans change and forecasts are refined.  

Mervin McMinn, NDA National Waste Inventory Manager, said: 

“This Inventory supersedes the 2007 UKRWI and reflects the progress that has been made at nuclear sites in treating and disposing of radioactive waste in the last three years. It also gives the latest forecasts from current waste producers for their future waste arisings and is a valuable resource for organisations with an interest in the management of radioactive waste.” 

  The documents are available to view online:

Hard copies will be lodged with the British Library, for general access.

Other organisations and individuals can obtain hard copies of the reports from NDA.