EDF Energy statement on GDA

This is the statement issued by EDF Energy concerning GDA Generic Design Assessment.

EDF Energy notes the announcement by the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency regarding the Generic Design Assessment.

Following the events in Japan it is right for the safety authorities to consider the potential impacts of  the report by HM Chief Nuclear Inspector Mike Weightman before concluding the GDA process.

EDF Energy has always placed safety at the forefront of its operations and has welcomed the launch of the report, which will ensure appropriate lessons are learned from Japan for existing and new nuclear power stations.

EDF Energy has worked closely with the authorities on all aspects of the GDA process. The company is pleased that the authorities recognise the significant amount of work that has already been done and their commitment to maximise the benefit of the assessment work already done.

We also welcome the fact that the authorities will publish the GDA issues and resolution plans this summer, as planned, and that work continues on the GDA.

Vincent de Rivaz, Chief Executive of EDF Energy said: “This is a sensible step which means the train remains on track taking account all of the work done so far. To learn lessons from Japan, there will be additional check points on the way, quite rightly, but the destination is unchanged and the progress continues.”

In addition, it should be remembered that the EPR proposed for the UK is an evolutionary design and builds on the experience and lessons learned over the last decades.

We will continue to work collaboratively with the authorities to ensure our project also learns from events in Japan and that the GDA is completed in a timely fashion.

The authorities had previously announced that they expected work would continue beyond the issue of interim certificates in June 2011 to close out any outstanding GDA Issues identified in the interim certificates. Consequently, we had already factored ongoing work beyond June 2011 into our plans.

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