NDA business plan

The NDA 2011/12 Business Plan sets out planned annual expenditure of £2.9 billion as part of a 4 year total of approximately £12 billion in line with the UK Government’s spending review announced last October.

This represents a strong and sustained investment in the UK Government’s spending review announced last October. This represents a strong and sustained investment in the UK nuclear clean-up programme.

NDA Business Plan 2011 – 2014 (1Mb) 

The priority continues to be tackling the highest hazards, with an accelerated programme of risk and hazard reduction underway at Sellafield as well as challenging targets set for reprocessing and vitrification of highly active liquors. Annual expenditure at Sellafield is planned at £1.55 billion and includes the continued construction of Evaporator D, currently the largest single project in the UK nuclear estate. 

The Business Plan supports the taking forward of an optimised approach within the Magnox fleet, identifying Trawsfynydd and Bradwell as lead sites for accelerated decommissioning. Further progress will be made in defuelling at Chapelcross, Sizewell A and Dungeness A with generation continuing at Oldbury and Wylfa. Annual expenditure across the Magnox sites is planned at £0.65 billion. Continued progress will be made in decommissioning at Dounreay with construction commencing on the new Low Level Waste repository; within an annual site funding of around £150 million. 

The NDA will complete the competition to find a Parent Body Organisation for Dounreay, with a contract award by the first quarter of 2012. In addition, preparations will start for the remaining competition, the Magnox and RSRL sites, which is due to start in the second half of 2012. 

Tony Fountain, NDA Chief Executive said:

“This Business Plan represents a challenging year of activity right across our estate and we look forward to seeing our contracting partners deliver strong performance while meeting efficiency targets.” 

Income generation targets for the year are £0.9 billion, based upon income from generation and reprocessing contracts. 

Other key tasks for NDA will include:

  • Securing a future for the Capenhurst site that maximises value for the taxpayer
  • Supporting UK Government policy in the development of future arrangements for plutonium stocks
  • Making further progress towards implementation of geological disposal for higher activity wastes
  • Progressing plans for the movement of nuclear materials to optimise use of NDA assets