Improving Decontamination and Reducing Waste

ELENDES – the Electrochemical Enhancement of Nuclear Decontamination Solutions – focuses on developing a system to treat decontamination effluents (liquid wastes).
Traditionally, decontamination agents are restricted in composition due to their impact on downstream plant. This means that less effective agents are used, often with the consequence that more effluent is generated.

The aim of the ELENDES project is to electrochemically remove the components from decontamination effluents that cause concern to downstream plant. This includes, for example, corrosive anions and complexants. Doing this will enable NNL to develop and offer more aggressive decontamination agents in conjunction with a process to treat any resulting effluent.

The project, in partnership with CTech (an SME with expertise in electrochemistry), is being delivered by a multi-disciplinary team from NNL with expertise in decontamination, effluents, process engineering and chemical modelling.

The immediate aim of the intial study is to develop a prototype cell.

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