Technical Strategy for geological disposal

NDA Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RWMD) has published its Geological Disposal: Technical Strategy to support the preparatory stages of geological disposal programme for higher activity radioactive wastes in the UK.

The strategy is complementary to the Geological Disposal: Steps towards implementation report published in 2010 which set out an overview of RWMD’s programme. Both documents are available on the NDA website at the following links:

Geological Disposal – Technical Strategy 2011  


Geological Disposal – Steps towards implementation 2010  

 Bruce McKirdy, RWMD’s Managing Director said:

“The strategy document focuses on the technical work that we will undertake in the preparatory studies phase of the programme. It sets out how these activities will be managed and considers what we need to do in the future. We do not have a site yet, so we concentrate on developing a disposal system using generic geological environments. The selection of a site will come from the UK Government led Managing Radioactive Waste Safely programme which is based on voluntarism and partnership with potential host communities.”

A number of strategic activities have been developed that represent the key components of the RWMD programme. These are directly linked to the RWMD mission and programme objectives ensuring complete integration of activities. We will work with waste producers to identify and deliver optimal solutions to the management of higher activity waste.

We welcome feedback on the strategy and if you have any comments or observations please let us know. Contact details are given at the front of the report or can be emailed to us at