UK Nuclear Knowledge Management CoP meeting

You are invited to join us for the 3rd workshop organised by the Nuclear Knowledge Management Community of Practice (CoP). This group is organised by practitioners within the nuclear industry who wish to share their experiences of Knowledge Management (KM) in order to improve their own performance and operate to the benefit of the nuclear industry as a whole.

You are welcome to join us if you are active in the nuclear industry, are adopting, or seeking to adopt, KM or wish to learn about best practice in a field that has increasing importance to the reputation and efficiency of organisations worldwide.Using Knowledge Management to improve operations in the nuclear industry.

Knowledge management: Knowing what we know and making that knowledge available where needed.

Community of Practice: a group with a common interest within which practitioners can share knowledge with those who need or request it.

The theme of this 3rd workshop is Applied Knowledge Management Strategies The workshop will consist of two presentations, from Serco and from Areva, and a “Knowledge Market”: a semi-structured session in which participants will have an extended opportunity to meet each other and to discuss and match KM “wants” and “offers”. The workshop will also include by a talk showing how each of these three events exemplifies a particular strategic approach to applying KM within an organisation.

Rolls-Royce Welfare centre – The Snooker Room
Moor Lane – Derby DE24 9HY

21st June 2011

10:00 Opening remarks and Welcome

10:15 Knowledge share – What have been the highlights since the last meeting (group)

10:30 Knowledge Markets – Facilitated by Ian Neville – Babcock International Group

12:30 Buffet Lunch

1:10 The Knowledge Hub – Presentation from Richard Howells – SERCO

2:00 Knowledge transfer network – Keith Franklin – National Nuclear Laboratory

2:25  AREVA’s Knowledge Retention Policy – Martin Roulleaux Dugage – AREVA

3:05  A strategic approach – bring the sessions together – John Kingston

3:20 Closing remarks

3:30 Close

Organisers: Nuclear Knowledge Management Community of Practice (CoP)
Tel: 01332 2 60678

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