Horizon confirmation to Weightman Report response

Horizon Nuclear Power confirmed it has responded to the interim report of Dr Mike Weightman, the Chief Nuclear Inspector, which looked into lessons learned from the events at the Fukushima Da’ichi nuclear power station.

Alan Raymant, COO of Horizon said:
“It is essential that we take stock of our safety standards and arrangements, re-validate them, and apply any lessons that can be learned from all serious incidents like those that took place in Japan. Safety will always be our number one priority.

“We welcome Dr Weightman’s interim report and support the recommendations. We believe the best outcome for safety will be achieved by embedding the learnings at the development stage of our project.
“We believe that the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) process can take on board the lessons learned without undue impact on our project development.

“We welcome the interim conclusions that there is no need to change the present strategies for new nuclear and look forward to Government’s response in relation to the National Policy Statements”.

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