Knowledge Transfer Network – Nuclear

The objective of a Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is to improve the UK’s innovation performance, by increasing the breadth and depth of the knowledge transfer of technology into UK-based businesses, and by accelerating the rate at which this occurs.

Networks are aligned to, and actively contribute to, the goals of the Technology Strategy Board.

The specific aims of a Knowledge Transfer Network include the following:

•To deliver improved industrial performance through innovation and new collaborations by driving the flow of people, knowledge and experience between business and the science-base, between businesses and across sectors;
•To drive knowledge transfer between the supply and demand sides of technology-enabled markets through a high quality, easy to use service;
•To facilitate innovation and knowledge transfer by providing UK businesses with the opportunity to meet and network with individuals and organisations, in the UK and internationally;
•To provide a forum for a coherent business voice to inform government of its technology needs and about issues, such as regulation, which are enhancing or inhibiting innovation in the UK.

Why join a KTN?

KTNs provide many benefits for members including:

•Networking – frequent opportunities to network with other businesses and academics through targeted events, meetings and Special Interest Groups organised by the KTN.
•Information and news – free access to on-line services such as reports, newsletters, webinars/e-training, events diaries, e-conferencing and collaboration tools and general sector/application specific information.
•Funding opportunities – advice on Technology Strategy Board Collaborative R& D calls, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and other sources of funding for innovation such as Framework Programme 7, Eureka, Venture Capital.
•Policy and regulation – a communications route between their community, Government and EU, giving members the opportunity to influence policies and regulation in the UK and abroad.
•Our strategy – KTNs are playing an increasingly important role in the development of the Technology Strategy Board’s future direction.

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