Sites step on accelerator

Two Magnox sites are pushing ahead with work to accelerate decommissioning and reach the ‘Care and Maintenance’ milestone years ahead of schedule.

Trawsfynydd and Bradwell are clearing hazards, removing redundant plant in preparation for demolition and testing innovative practices in order to set a benchmark for the remaining Magnox sites. 

‘Care and Maintenance’ (C&M) marks the phase when all major decommissioning work is complete, leaving only a waste store and the sealed reactors which will be monitored until final dismantling starts in around 60 years time, when the deep Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) is expected to be operational. Trawsfynydd is due to enter C&M in 2016, five years earlier than originally planned, while Bradwell will save 12 years by reaching C&M in 2015. The timeframe for both sites is challenging – but achievable – and the workforces are seizing the opportunity to lead the way for the rest of the fleet.

You can read more about the sites here.

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