Case to move breeder to Sellafield – NDA

The NDA today published a report setting out credible options for managing the breeder material from the Dounreay Fast Reactor.

The NDA says there is a “clear and compelling strategic case” to remove the material from Dounreay and manage it at Sellafield with fuel from the Magnox power stations.

Thirty tonnes of breeder material was sent from Dounreay to Sellafield in the late 1960s. The NDA has inherited another 44 tonnes of breeder material still at Dounreay.

It was installed in a special zone around the reactor core between 1959 and 1977 to “breed” plutonium from an otherwise useless type of uranium.

If the proposal to remove the material to Sellafield is approved by the NDA, the first movement by rail is expect to take place early in 2012.

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