EDF Group statement about Flamanville 3

EDF Group today gave an update on the construction of Flamanville 3, the first nuclear power station to be built in France for 15 years, and the first EPR built by EDF.

The experience at Flamanville is invaluable as we progress in the UK. Each time EDF builds the EPR, our expertise increases. We are already seeing the benefits of the experience from existing projects.

We are making good progress in the UK. We are in the final stages of licensing the EPR. It is a good design which the UK regulator said last week is capable of being accepted.

We have already said publicly that we will publish an adjusted timetable in the autumn. We have also said that this adjusted timetable will take account of the final report from Chief Nuclear Inspector Dr Mike Weightman and the lessons we are learning from experiences and challenges at our new build projects in China and in France.

We remain committed to the UK and to our new nuclear programme.  We will deliver this programme to the highest standards of safety.

Nuclear power is competitive in the UK as the lowest cost large scale form of low carbon electricity generation, and it can be delivered in time to meet this country’s needs.  Today’s news does not change these facts.

We are committed to transparency. By being transparent on the challenges we face we aim to build trust.

Please click HERE to view the EDF Group announcement

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