Fukushima Report Technical Advisory Panel

The Technical Advisory Panel is to provide timely and well-founded technical advice to the Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations on the scope of the final report to learn lessons from events at Fukushima.

It is to identify any gaps in the technical review of these events and propose measures to close them.

Agenda and meeting summary download.

It is to peer review contributions from ONR staff and others to the Chief Inspector’s Reports for clarity, accuracy and technical content and provide advice to the Chief Inspector.

Code of conduct

Members of the Technical Advisory Panel and their nominated representatives must comply with the following code of conduct. They should:

  • conduct themselves with integrity and honesty and not misuse their position on the Technical Advisory Panel or information acquired in the course of their participation to further their personal interests or those of others;
  • not receive benefits of any kind which others might reasonably see as compromising their personal judgement or integrity. They should not, without authority, disclose information which has been communicated in confidence or received in confidence from others. Discussions and advice provided to the Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations will remain confidential whilst the Technical Advisory Panel is operational. However, full details of this advice may be released later under the government’s principles of freedom of information;

You are of course entitled to talk to the media as an expert in your own right while maintaining membership of the Technical Advisory Panel, but you must not:

  • claim that your views are representative of the Technical Advisory Panel and/or its other members in any way, or allow that impression to be created.
  • divulge details of discussions that happened in the Technical Advisory Panel, or the outcomes of those discussions.
  • pass on any information which you would not have had, had you not been a member of the Technical Advisory Panel.

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