NDA reports on a year of progress

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has today published its Annual Report & Accounts for 2010/11. 

The report outlines considerable progress in its mission to decommission and clean-up the UK’s civil public sector nuclear legacy.  

Reporting on his first full year as CEO, Tony Fountain said:

“It’s been a year of good performance, hitting targets that show concrete progress against our tasks. But it has also been a year in which critical steps have been taken to allow us to focus on delivery over the years ahead – including securing the availability of resources through the Spending review, a rebuilt Sellafield performance Plan, a new approach to Magnox delivery and our own more focussed organisation.”  

Highlights during 2010/11 include the following:  

  • Allocation under the Government’s Spending Review of £12 billion over the next four years, of which £3 billion to be generated from commercial income  
  • Publication, following Government approval,  of the revised Strategy which gives us a clear framework for the next 10-20 years and beyond  
  • Improved safety performance across the estate  
  • Completion of the new Sellafield Performance Plan which, for the first time, provides details of how long-standing and complex legacy issues are to be resolved  
  • The reactors at Berkeley have now been sealed up until final site clearance in around 60 years time, marking a first for the UK’s nuclear industry  
  • Significant progress in destruction of Dounreay’s sodium-potassium alloy (NaK), the second highest hazard in the NDA’s estate  
  • De-licensing of 23 acres at Harwell in Oxfordshire, signalling completion of a land restoration programme that began around 20 years ago and enabling its development for industrial or commercial use  
  • Income from electricity generation exceeded budget by £180 million due to continued excellent performance at our remaining generating stations, Wylfa and Oldbury  
  • A reduction of over 10% in support and overhead costs right across the estate, which has released £65 million to be directed toward front line work  
  • Completion of the internal review into the NDA’s own working model, which resulted in a 30% reduction to staffing levels and greater focus on delivery  
  • Publication of a suite of technical documents detailing the range of safety factors to be considered during development of the deep underground repository where higher-activity radioactive waste will be permanently disposed  
  • The revised estimated cost for dealing with the decommissioning and clean-up of the UK’s civil nuclear legacy now stands at £49.2 billion    

“As we have improved our understanding of the complex challenges and tasks, we have worked with our contractors to develop better plans that give us more certainty in terms of costs and timescales” said Tony Fountain.

 Annual Report and Accounts 2010/2011 (1Mb)

 Insight Newsletter Special Edition – Financial Year Highlights 2010-11 (2Mb)