New flask signals reactor clean-up progress

A vital flask to be used for the removal of the highly hazardous material from within the Dounreay Fast Reactor has been delivered, marking further progress for the shutdown of the site.

The white metal flask resembles a huge box shaped radiator and will be used for future storage and possible transportation of breeder fuel – once used to power the first fast reactor in the world to provide electricity to the national grid.

The Magnox flask will be used for commissioning the flask leak testing. This is an essential piece of kit to ensure the flask is secure and safely sealed prior to the breeder removal work commencing within a new state of the art purpose built facility.

DSRL’s senior project manager Alex Potts explained: ‘Decommissioning DFR is one of the top priorities in the UK for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. The safe removal of this hazardous material is crucial to the site’s closure programme.

“Dismantling DFR has presented DSRL with many unique challenges over the years and the team of staff and contractors involved remain totally committed and are working extremely hard to ensure they are ready for the next phase of taking apart the fifty-year-old reactor.”

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