NuGen Appoints Planning Consultants

NuGen has announced that it has appointed Arup as its lead planning consultant and GL Hearn as its strategic planning advisors in relation to NuGen’s plans to build a new nuclear power station in West Cumbria. 

The appointment follows the completion of a competitive tender process and was announced by Olivier Carret, Chief Operating Director, at the New Nuclear Build Conference in London in front of an audience of around 500 people. 

Commenting on the appointment Alfio Vidal, Chief Nuclear Director of NuGen said: “Both Arup and GL Hearn were selected because of their extensive experience in this area.  They will now work closely with NuGen on reviewing the scope of site investigations and ensuring all required consents and licenses are granted in a timely manner. They will also assist with the development of a local engagement plan to ensure the proposed activities on and around the site are communicated appropriately.

“We recognise the wealth of expertise that already exists in the area and we are committed to working in partnership with the local community to harness local knowledge and skills during the planning process.  We envisage that there will be many opportunities for working together through informal regular updates and more formal consultation as required by planning regulations and we will communicate more on this as soon as we can.”

The planning phase of the NuGen project begins with immediate effect and is expected to last until 2015 when NuGen will make its final investment decision.  The Commercial Operation Date of a new nuclear power station is currently scheduled in 2023. 

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