PARs for Oldbury, Sellafield and Capenhurst

HSE have published the most recent Project assessment reports PAR for Oldbury, Sellafield and Capenhurst.

Project assessment reports (PARs) are documents which explain our regulatory decisions. The Office for Nuclear Regulation aims to be open and transparent in its work as far as possible and as part of this, we wish to help all of our stakeholders, including the public, to understand our work and engage with us about it. In April 2010, we published executive summaries for PARs for the first time and from April 2011, we have started to publish full PARs with an ambition to publish all of our project assessment reports online within six months.

You can read the reports here.

Some terminology used in the nuclear industry is unfamiliar to those outside of it, so we aim to write executive summaries for the reports in plain English.

We always appreciate your feedback on these reports, how we can improve them, or questions you might have.

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