Sellafield Ltd annual review of performance 2010/11

Sellafield Ltd has today published its review of the 2010/11 financial year.

The review celebrates the successes that Sellafield Ltd, under the ownership of Nuclear Management Partners, has achieved at Sellafield, Capenhurst and Risley during the year on behalf of our customer, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Introducing the review, Nuclear Management Partners Chairman, Tom Zarges, said: “Progress on sites such as Sellafield is often measured in tonnes, containers and numbers of buildings decommissioned. Such metrics are important and are included in this review of performance.

“However, these metrics do not tell the complete story. They do not highlight the hours, days and weeks of work that our employees undertake in order to reach these performance targets.

“The following report does this through the eyes and voices of our world class employees. It demonstrates the hours, days, weeks and months of dedication and disciplined professionalism that go in to delivering projects that may only be visible for a few hours.

“Sellafield Ltd’s greatest resource is its people. The men and women who operate the sites are, collectively, the greatest concentration of nuclear expertise in Europe. I am pleased that this year has seen us continue to supplement and compliment the Sellafield Ltd team with experts from the parent organisations – URS, AMEC and AREVA.”

To view the report please click here

Sellafield Ltd’s annual report and accounts for the same period will be made available on in due course.

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