New Sellafield Performance Plan published

The NDA together with Sellafield Ltd and Nuclear Management Partners (NMP) have today published a new Performance Plan for the site.

It sets out how NMP will apply their global experience to improve operations, generate efficiencies and deliver detailed programmes of work with the aim of accelerating decommissioning and providing value for money.

Successful delivery of the plan will also ensure the site continues to effectively operate critical national infrastructure that support the UK’s energy programme and maintains the safe and secure management and storage of nuclear materials.

It is against this plan that the performance and success of Nuclear management Partners will be judged.

Tony Fountain, NDA CEO said:

“I believe that for the first time we now have a credible plan for Sellafield that is underpinned both technically and in terms of capability that gives us all the best chance of success. Over half of our total budget is now dedicated to cleaning up the Sellafield site, around £1.5 bn annually, an increase of 50% in the six years since the NDA was formed.”

“We will work with NMP, the Sellafield Ltd management team, the workforce and other stakeholders to oversee the plan’s delivery and in so doing our aim is to build confidence amongst government and others that the nuclear legacy is being tackled effectively, safely and responsibly.”

Tom Zarges, Chairman of Nuclear Management Partners said:

“We have applied world-leading expertise to produce the first credible and underpinned lifetime plan for the Sellafield site. NMP and its parent companies are now fully committed to applying our full corporate strength to delivering the plan and accelerating the clean-up of the high hazard facilities.”

At regular intervals throughout the financial year, the NDA will review Sellafield Ltd’s performance against this plan. Indeed, the NDA will only pay Sellafield Ltd a fee if it meets the targets in the performance plan. So, in order to earn fee Sellafield Ltd needs to consistently improve the way it operates, under the strategic guidance of NMP.

The performance targets are captured in the plan and are in the public domain so stakeholders can assess progress across the site both during and at the end of the year.

Todd Wright, MD Sellafield Ltd said:

“What NMP brings to Sellafield is a global network of nuclear experts who can, and have complemented the highly skilled and experienced Sellafield Ltd workforce. Together we are challenging the norm, exploring new solutions and approaches to work and safely accelerating the rate at which we deliver for our customer the NDA. As a result we have delivered the first underpinned plan for the Sellafield site and we will continue to deliver on the commitments it contains.”